The Sacred Power of Natural Birth

The opportunity to welcome a baby onto this planet surrounded by love not only celebrates the beginning of a new life, but also celebrates the birth of a mother and of a family. Midwifery care combined with medical care allows this experience to be protected in a safe, intimate and beautiful environment at Babies by the Sea Birthing Center. We approach pregnancy and birth as a collaborative team of midwives and other healthcare providers using evidence based decision making tailored for each family. Babies by the Sea Birthing Center, Encinitas exists for the woman, her baby and her family. Rather than championing a particular provider type, we champion the sacred power of natural birth, the rights of women and the importance of honoring those very first moments of life. Midwives and Physicians each bring a perspective and a knowledge base that, when combined, provide the greatest opportunity to experience the transformative power of natural birth.



Chiropractic care in pregnancy can assist in spinal alignment and pelvic balance to achieve a natural unmedicated birth. Chiropractic care for babies can improve breastfeeding, ease digestion and spinal alignment after birth.



Achieving the nutritional needs as they change during the stages of pregnancy can not only improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce maternal complications, but may also impact the long term future health of unborn babies.



Pregnancy is a transformative time for expecting mothers, fathers and even siblings. Counseling allows for healthy approaches in life adjustments, coping strategies and personal growth.



Human babies are meant to drink human milk. Lactation support can help women achieve breastfeeding success, address concerns and prevent complications. Breast milk is perfectly formulated for your baby.



Education remains an integrated part of our prenatal program. Additional classes will be offered to address social issues, child development, and parenting concerns to support a healthy family life.



Essential oils are the natural elements from plants used in aromatherapy. When used safely, they can reduce discomforts during labor and pregnancy.



Acupuncture will be available during prenatal care and labor. It can assist in labor, reduce stress, enhance recuperative power, and support physical and emotional health in a safe and painless manner.



Combining the evidence based care in the traditional medical model with empathy and a willingness to utilize other modalities allows for excellent and personalized care for women, men and babies.



Massage can reduce stress, improve circulation and mobility, promote over all wellness and reduce pain. By trained professionals, massage is safe for adults, children and babies and in all stages of pregnancy and labor.



Yoga can help to increase flexibility and strength, improve posture and respiration and allow for an opportunity to reflect, meditate or pray. It can help women to connect to their unborn child and prepare for a peaceful birth.



Doulas provide continuous emotional and physical support of the laboring woman and her partner. From offering position suggestions to helping with comfort measures, families benefit from doula care in many ways.



Hypnosis is a very powerful, relaxing process whereby your subconscious mind may be activated in a healthier, more positive way. Hypnosis allows you to literally "reprogram" your mind for what you truly desire and undo unhealthy ways of thinking or habits.

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