Sher Russell, BA, C.Ht.
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


“Hypnosis is a very natural, very healthy way to directly access your subconscious mind and create new patterns and habits. While some people are still under the impression that hypnosis is a loss of control- in fact, it is the opposite. In a therapeutic environment, anyone can be hypnotized who wants to be. Hypnosis is simply using your mind in a different way. Hypnosis can provide you with the natural tools to feel better almost instantly.
Each of us has the ability to utilize our subconscious mind to create new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving. This natural ability was born with us into the world, but we have never been taught how to do so. Instead, we rely on our conscious minds-willpower, effort, self-control – unfortunately these methods can be effective is some parts of our lives, but are not in others. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy, done properly, can truly transform you life-from the inside out-and it can be faster, easier and more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”


I have been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2001, and have had a full time practice in North San Diego County since 2005. My passion is to connect deeply with my clients. From the very first time I speak with a client I am already listening for ‘clues’, for insight into the areas where there has been the most struggle, most frustration, the most pain. This, I have found, is the very best starting place for positive change. I offer a warm and nurturing energy, while remaining grounded in the present moment. Even though the past is relevant to present moment awareness, my practice is focused on the client’s present and future. Through conversation, deep listening and many years of experience, I am able to use my skills, talents and gifts to create a more positive message for my client’s subconscious mind.

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Posted: June 25, 2015


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