Happy Healthy Child

This four-disc DVD set brings the wisdom, expertise and insights of more than 30 world-renowned experts directly to you. Learn from the top OB/GYNs, midwives, pediatricians, scientists, childbirth educators, psychologists, sleep experts and lactation specialists how to achieve your ideal pregnancy, birth and early parenting experience. Featured topics: How to be healthy during pregnancy. What to eat while pregnant. What to avoid during pregnancy. The process of birth and the key birth hormones. Normal labor and delivery. Building your birth team (ob/gyns, midwives and doulas). Helpful tips and tools for labor. Understanding the reasons and research behind many common interventions. Bonding and breastfeeding at birth. Nutrition for babies. Infant sleep. And much more! The Happy Healthy Child series provides the practical information and current scientific research you need to eliminate underlying fears and anxieties, avoid unnecessary and unwanted interventions and feel confident and ready for this wonderful time in your life! Unlike traditional childbirth courses which provide the viewpoint of only one teacher, this series shares the vast knowledge of more than 30 outstanding professionals.

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Posted: November 10, 2014


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